Accelerit launches SA's no cost video conferencing

28 Jun 2020 11:14 AM
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The frustrations of speed, sign-ups and limitations of video/conference calls produced Mandla Ngcobo create a local free video platform to greatly help small to channel companies and everyone remain connected and communicate securely via video and audio tracks during the lockdown period.

Quickchat is a good locally-hosted, no cost and secure group video recording platform that is produced found in Mzansi. It had been launched to enable quicker connectivity for big or little groups in fact it is free to use.

One of the biggest advantages of the video program is that since it’s hosted on hometown servers, it drastically reduces latency between community conferencing sessions while enhancing overall quality found in group conversations and there are no sign-ups required. A session could be launched within minutes while complying fully with the South African info privacy laws.

Ngcobo may be the founder of Accelerit Technologies that he launched in 2013. Through his business, he could release Quickchat, a standalone video platform hosted on native servers. With a history in computer science, he took it after himself to build the program together with his group after being continuously disappointed with other video contacting apps. he finally made a decision to build the platform in his house.

“It's among those tasks that I've only been toying around in my own free time with. I built it and customised it, introduced it locally. And we began applying it internally within accelerate, which can be our fiber firm. Through seeing how very easily we could spin up periods, and improve quality and speed, we then decided to make it general public,” said Ngcobo.

Ngcobo wished to create a video platform that would be different and stick out from the rest with three things at heart and that was the simple access, speed, and lastly the limitations quantity of users.

“Many of these applications will come with restrictions the duration of the program is limited with easy chats, we've removed that completely. So you can have as many persons in your session as you prefer. And in addition there are no limits in terms of the time. So that you can do that rapidly, fairly easily without limitations on Quickchat,” he stated.

Ngcobo hopes people will realise that they do not have to overly use complicated solutions that happen to be born international and spend cash if they don’t have to, especially startup phase or SME phase when they can simply leverage a locally hosted system.