Apple Launches 'For All Mankind' Companion Podcast

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Apple today announced the upcoming release of "For All Mankind: THE STATE Podcast," a podcast that will discuss popular Apple TV+ series "For All Mankind" as the next season resumes on February 19.

Hosted by Krys Marshall, who takes on Commander Danielle Poole, the podcast can feature space experts, previous astronauts, and "For Every Mankind" cast and creators.

SET FOR All Mankind: The Official Podcast, the area race continues. Followers of the series and its themes can hear web host Krys Marshall (Commander Danielle Poole) discuss what seriously goes down beyond our atmosphere with friends from the series, space gurus, and former astronauts -- plus never-before-heard music that presents how astronauts achieve the impossible.

The podcast is set to start on February 19, the same time that the second season of the show premieres. It'll be available to pay attention to on Apple Podcasts.

Bloomberg this past year said that Apple was delving into first podcast content to raised contend with Spotify and others that have been trading heavily in podcasts. Apple ideas to focus on audio tracks spinoffs of films and TV shows on ‌Apple TV+‌, which is the first podcast that's coming as part of that effort.

Apple the other day also launched "For All Mankind: Time Capsule," a great augmented reality app that lets visitors unpack a virtual period capsule, looking into what's inside and learning about season 2 of the display. 

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