Apple's Marina Bay Sands Store in Singapore Opens Thursday

08 Sep 2020 9:59 AM
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Apple today announced that its new Marina Bay Sands shop in Singapore will open at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, with Apple calling it the business's "most ambitious retail project."

The Marina Bay Sands store seems to float on Marina Bay and its own all-glass dome assembled using 114 pieces of glass is a one-of-a-kind construction.

Inspired by the Pantheon in Rome, an oculus located at the apex of the dome offers a flooding ray of light that travels through the area. The inside of the glass is lined with custom baffles, each uniquely shaped to counter sun angles and offer a nighttime lighting effect. With trees lining the interior of the dome, the green garden city of Singapore flows in to the store, providing additional shading and soft shadows through the foliage.

The store, which is staffed by 148 employees who collectively speak over 23 languages, includes not only the most common product display areas and massive video wall anchoring The Forum, but also Apple's first underwater Boardroom for conferences, training, and private events.

Apple Marina Bay Sands may be the company's third shop in Singapore, and opening-day visits will be by reservation only with reservations made through the store website.