Aviation industry is in coma. Simply the govt can help it wake up.

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Known Unidentified. A term that the airline sector is all too acquainted with. It means abrupt devastating happenings that periodically struck the industry. But the global coronavirus pandemic possesses spawned another brand-new term: unknown unknown.

Airlines across the world are actually passing through a perfect storm and the globe has never witnessed such devastation in its history.

One could rightly compare the current circumstances of the global aviation sector with the plot of the George Clooney-starrer "Good Storm".

The film was set on a little vessel, helmed by Clooney, swept up in a notoriously devastating Caribbean cyclonic storm. Clooney's desperate efforts to save the boat and the crew is usually depicted in a heart-wrenching saga. 

Such as a true captain, he saved his crew with the best sacrifice of his own life. To salvage the airline sector out of this dreaded storm, perhaps scores of Clooneys will be an eventual sacrificial lamb.


It was all blue and serene sky, with aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing forecasting needs for thousands of aircraft found in the years ahead, creating demand for an incredible number of pilots and technicians with trillions of us dollars in revenue.

But everything was upended following the outburst of the deadly disease, christened as COVID-19, at the turn of the entire year.

From January, airlines everywhere began to face the strong headwinds and by February it became bumpy. By April, airlines fell into deep uncertainty, with one getting into bankruptcy and liquidation after another.

Various layoffs followed, putting airline staff under a jogging bus, while the cancellation of fresh aircraft orders still left manufacturers away in the cold.

By now, around 17,000 business aircraft are in storage space in the deserts of Arizona and the Australian outback, places otherwise referred to as aircraft graveyards in the aviation network.

Bangladesh's domestic airline industry, which has a reputation of infantile mortality even though times are good, is also working with the wrath of coronavirus that was included with the devastation of an unprecedented scale and magnitude.

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