Bangladesh inaugurates new embassy in Turkey

15 Sep 2020 10:56 AM
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Bangladesh on Monday inaugurated its new embassy complex in the Turkish capital Ankara.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, almost joining the opening ceremony from Dhaka, said her country and Turkey shared deeply rooted values and history and the opening of the new embassy would further add to their close relations.

The premier applauded Turkey’s initiative to increase a helping hand to countries fighting the COVID-19 pandemic with medical supplies, adding the Ankara administration also provided support to Rohingya Muslims, who are referred to as the most oppressed persons in the world.

Hasina invited Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the first lady to go to Bangladesh on the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of the country's founding father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Recalling her 2012 visit to Turkey and her ending up in Erdogan, Bangladeshi primer -- who's also a daughter of Rahman -- said her country "attaches great importance to its relations with Turkey."

The formal diplomatic relations between your two nations commenced in 1974, practically 50 years ago, she said and added: 

"Our relationship, however, can be traced in the 13th Century, when Turkic General Ikhteer Uddin Muhammad Bakhtiar Khiljee, conquered Bengal. The relations between your two countries are deeply rooted in shared history, faith, and traditions predicated on mutual trust and confidence.

Bangladesh is keen to take forward its ties with Turkey for the bilateral great things about the two peoples."

On her government's fight against the coronavirus pandemic, Hasina noted: "Bangladesh has successfully had the opportunity to support the spread of the virus."

The united states of around 165 million population reported 1,812 new cases and 26 deaths on Monday, bringing the full total number of infection to 339,332 with 4,759 deaths. 

"Our timely and appropriate measures and stimulus packages have also been in a position to minimize the disastrous effects of the deadly disease. We've so far announced a couple of COVID-19 recovery packages worth 13.25 billion dollars equal to 4.03% of our GDP," she added.

She also commend Turkish leadership for its success in fighting the deadly pandemic. "I also appreciate its initiative to dispatch medical supplies to different countries, including Bangladesh," Hasina continued to say. 

She concluded her speech by inviting Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu to Bangladesh to inaugurate Turkey's new embassy in Dhaka.

Speaking at the function, Cavusoglu said Dhaka and Ankara have had close ties and Turks would never forget South Asian support for Turkey's War of Independence.

Cavusoglu stressed that Bangladesh is one of Turkey’s key partners in Asia using its vibrant economy, and the brand new embassy was a way to obtain pride for the country.

He noted that Bangladesh gave the international community a lesson by welcoming thousands of Rohingya Muslims amid the most difficult crises in the annals of humankind.

Also speaking at the ceremony, Bangladeshi Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said Turkish and Bangladeshi links were predicated on historical connections, cultural affinity, mutual trust and respect, and both sides shared interests to see a just and tranquil world order.

"The immense popularity of Turkish drama serials in Bangladesh predicated on historic as well as modern day social themes is reflective of our attachment and affinity," Momen continued to say. 

“The opening of the embassy is similar to unfolding a fresh chapter in the already existing friendly relations between the two countries,” he said, adding he was proud to be section of the event.