Bangladesh- It is about time we promoted tourist attractions worldwide

24 Sep 2020 4:20 PM
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Now is the perfect time to highlight Bangladesh's places of interest to the community. The different tourism reservoir the country contains incorporating its natural splendor, glorious history and wealthy heritage should be promoted properly to both native and foreign tourists.
Md Mahbub Ali, Express Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism said this at the start of a special travelling magazine titled "Beautiful Bangladesh" published by the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism at the Secretariat about February 12.

The Talk about Minister further said, "We've immense potential in tourism. The time has come to carefully turn all our alternatives into success beneath the leadership of our Honourable Primary Minister Sheikh Hasina."

The preparation of the tourism get better at plan is happening. With the implementation of which, integrated and planned tourism development will end up being ensured and Bangladesh will enter a new era of tourism, claimed the Talk about Minister.

He also noted that do the job is underway to create every tourist vacation spot of our nation tourist friendly, regardless of women and men.
Mahbub Ali mentioned that the ministry is quickly planning to launch day excursions to destinations in and around Dhaka every week operated by four double-decker buses for tourists.

Among others, Md Mohibul Haque, Senior Secretary, MoCAT, Surroundings Vice Marshal M Mafidur Rahman, Chairman, CAAB, Md Atiqul Haque, More Secretary, MoCAT and Ram Chandra Das, Chairman, BPC were likewise present on the occasion.