Bangladesh, Jordan to interact for strengthening trade ties

07 Jan 2021 10:50 AM
Image: Collected
Bangladesh Ambassador to Jordan Nahida Sobhan met Jordan's Minister of Sector, Trade and offer Maha Ali recently and discussed bilateral issues

Bangladesh and Jordan have discussed methods to strengthen trade relations between the two countries.

Bangladesh Ambassador to Jordan Nahida Sobhan met Jordan's Minister of Sector, Trade and offer Maha Ali recently and discussed the bilateral problems. 

Zaher Al-Qatarneh, associate secretary general (equivalent to our additional secretary) of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and offer was present in the meeting. 

Muhammad Bashir, the primary secretary of the Embassy of Bangladesh on Jordan accompanied the ambassador.

Ambassador Sobhan mentioned there are a whole lot of scopes to strengthen trade relations between Bangladesh and Jordan. She added that she would interact with Jordan with this goal during her stay. 

They discussed about concluding a trade agreement between the two countries. 

Minister Maha Ali informed an MoU between BCCIC of the Ministry of Sectors of Bangladesh and Jordan Mine Phosphate Firm (JPMC) concluded in 2017 in the occurrence of the then sectors minister of Bangladesh. 

The ambassador expressed eagerness to exchange business delegations between the two countries to explore more opportunities by both countries. 

Because of the Covid-19 situation, it might not be practical to conduct such visits right now, she added. In this context, she proposed to get started such discussions between organization communities through a webinar, where relevant business people from both sides can participate. 

Such meetings could down the road be followed up by exchanging delegations when the global pandemic situation will be over. 

She mentioned that the Bangladeshi embassy is preparing to facilitate such meetings.  

Showing keen interest, this lady explained that her ministry and the embassy can work together to get ready concept be aware and agenda to get the webinar to create it fruitful. 

The ambassador proposed that it could take place in May 2021. 

While handing over lots of leather goods as gift ideas to the minister, Ambassador Sobhan briefed the minister about the leather sector in Bangladesh and its own potentialities. 

She mentioned that currently, Bangladesh may be the 8th major global exporter of leather products and leather. 

As well as the skilled labour for the RMG sector, Bangladesh also offers skilled workers for household leather industries, she furthered. 

Both the ambassadors and the ministers also praised women’s empowerment within their respective countries.