Bangladesh receives initial parcel train carrying dried out chilies from India

14 Jul 2020 9:46 AM
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Bangladesh features received the primary parcel train in Benapole carrying dry out Chillies from Andhra Pradesh, India.
Indian Railways dispatched a particular parcel train comprising 16 huge capacity parcel vans carrying around 384 tonnes of dry out chilies to Bangladesh, said the Indian Great Commission in Dhaka on Monday.
The Special Parcel Exhibit (SPE) traveled the length over 1372 kilometers from Reddipalem in Guntur, India to Benapole in Bangladesh.
The transportation cost by railways computes to be cheaper compared to road transport.

Trade between India and Bangladesh had been afflicted as the transport solutions between the two countries got disrupted due to COVID-19 related limitations since March 2020.
To minimize the supply chain disruption, previously the Superior Commission of India had proposed to the Bangladesh Railways to facilitate parcel coach service between India and Bangladesh.
After Bangladesh Railways conveyed the concurrence cargo was mobilized for the first parcel train service.
It is expected that Parcel Coach Service will come to be beneficial to advertise trade between both countries, said the Superior Commission.