Bangladesh, South Korea explore opportunities in tourism

22 Aug 2020 9:50 AM
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Choi said the marketplace held more potential as last year a lot more than 17,000 arrivals in South Korea were from Bangladesh 

Tour operators from Bangladesh and South Korea at a webinar have discussed ways to explore tourism opportunities, highlighting the scopes that South Korea offers.  

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), in colaboration with TravTalk, hosted the webinar on Tuesday, shedding light on Korea’s beautiful regions that might be ideal for travellers, said a media release on Friday.  

The first-ever webinar by KTO for the Bangladesh trade that saw the occurrence of Young Geul Choi, deputy director at KTO’s New Delhi Office, was led by Sandeep Dutta, marketing manager, KTO New Delhi Office and Md Rafeuzzaman, president of Tour Operators Association of Bangladesh (TOAB), governing body member, Bangladesh Tourism Board, and chairman, FBCCI Standing Committee on Civil Aviation and Tourism, as speakers. 

Choi said the market held more potential as last year a lot more than 17,000 arrivals in South Korea were from Bangladesh (an 11% growth over 2018’s numbers).  

“We think the prospect of travel in the future is much bigger, which explains why we made a decision to organize the product training to update the Bangladesh travel industry about South Korea’s latest tourism products," he said. 

He said Korea is probably the few countries to have successfully managed the Covid-19 outbreak and that's the reason Bangladesh trade will be able to recommend South Korea to their clients with confidence once travel begins. 

Actually, Choi added, KTO looks forward to organizing a roadshow in Bangladesh next year with DMCs, hotels and other partners the moment travel resumes.  

Insights on the uniqueness of South Korea 

Besides updating the trade about Korea’s most beautiful and scenic locales, Dutta, in his presentation, provided insights on the uniqueness of the country’s food and culture.  

He said one of the better reasons for having South Korea may be the availability of Halal and Muslim-friendly food.  

Dutta said it really is already a very big market for tourism from a number of the other Muslim countries in Asia and infrastructure has been developed for Muslim-friendly and Halal food.  

"This is ideal for the Bangladesh market aswell because the cuisine is very similar to what they give in fact it is enjoyable and palatable for the Bangladesh audience. There are a lot more than 100 Halal and Muslim-friendly restaurants in South Korea,” he added.  

Sharing another tip for agents getting groups to South Korea, Dutta said: “There exists a very interesting manner in which South Korea promotes its traditional dress - the Hanbok - in tourism. For anyone who is wearing the Korean traditional costume, which is easily available to rent around metropolis and at tourist sites, there is no need to pay for the entry ticket while visiting a monument or palace.” 

Providing an insight on why is South Korea a lucrative destination to travel to from Bangladesh, Rafeuzzaman said: “South Korea offers everything a traveller could want in a destination." 

He said it has a long and fascinating history, an excellent culture, amazing food, friendly persons and excellent infrastructure.  

"It also has the most unique attractions on the planet which can be visited - the Korean Demilitarized Zone (which separates North and South Korea),” he added.  

Rafeuzzaman also urged his fellow tour operators and industry colleagues to promote South Korea as a new destination from Bangladesh, which could prove to be an excellent source market for the former.  

“For outbound tourism from Bangladesh, it is a very good possibility to click business and choose destination korea" he added.