Bangladeshi youth praised by Americans for creating 60 jobs during the pandemic

05 Sep 2020 10:23 AM
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Mir Sabbir Ahmed, a Bangladeshi businessman from Connecticut of USA, was lauded by the Americans for creating 60 new jobs in his business at a time when thousands of people are losing their jobs every day as a result of Corona epidemic in america. He has started a fresh business called ‘Route Seven Travel Plaza’. 60 people will get job opportunities there. Connecticut State Senator Richard Blumenthal will officially inaugurate Route Seven Travel Plaza next Saturday (August 29).

Mir Sabbir Ahmed, a Bangladeshi businessman moving into Connecticut and president /CEO of ANG Petroleum Corporation, said his long-term goal was to build a big company like Route Seven Travel Plaza. That dream has come true. He's most happy that the business could have about 60 new jobs. A lot of them are Bangladeshis. He said Sunoco has 24 nozzle points at Route Seven Travel Plaza. Of the, 16 are gas and 8 are diesel. The Tesla Electronic 8 charging station will sit next October. The 9,600-square-foot company will employees 40 people at Sonic’s restaurant, 10 at Sunoco gas station and 10 at ANG Petroleum Corporation. Sabbir said almost all of them are Bangladeshis.

Mir Sabbir said the Corona epidemic had raised the unemployment rate in america to 14.6 percent in April. The current unemployment rate is 10.2. A lot more than 20 million persons lost their jobs in the united states in April alone. With the collapse of the economy, the unemployment rate has already reached its highest level because the Great Depression of the 1930s. The Corona epidemic in the usa has caught the attention of mainstream politicians as thousands of men and women lost their jobs every day, creating 60 new jobs in their businesses. Due to this fact, at his invitation, U.S. Senator (Connecticut) Richard Blumenthal decided to inaugurate the institution. He will be the principle guest at the official opening of Route Seven Travel Plaza next Saturday. Also present as special guests will be Connecticut State Representative Bill Buckby and New Milford City Mayor Pete Bass. He mentioned that Bangladeshis from all walks of life, including businessmen from Connecticut, will be there at the event.

Next year, three more state-of-the-art travel plazas of almost the same type will be launched in Danbury, Bristol and Torrington each. Land purchase and construction work has already started for these lenders under ANG Petroleum Corporation. Mir Sabbir mentioned that you will have a huge number of employment opportunities in these institutions.

Mir Sabbir Ahmed and his wife Nazia Ahmed Nishi were the first Bangladeshi businessmen in Connecticut to perform a franchise to run the Sonic restaurant business. Mir Sabbir was elected an associate of the board of directors of the Economic Development Corporation of New Milford, Connecticut this past year.

A variety of vendors will sit at the official opening of Route Seven Travel Plaza next Saturday (August 29). Also free masks and hand sanitizers from the Bangladesh Society of Connecticut (BSC) on the occasion of the inauguration of the institute.