Best surge protector: For safe charging and tech use

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Finding the best surge protector for your electronics ensures that they’ll remain guarded from potentially irreversible damage that comes from commonly occurring electrical spikes in building wiring and power grids. Power surges certainly are a normal and inconvenient part of life that occur frequently when utility companies switch electricity on / off again, but they may also be triggered by a variety of electrical events including lightning strikes, storms, and power cycling of large appliances like ac units. By positioning a surge protector between your electronics and the wall outlet, you can include a layer of safeguarding for your precious appliances that may prevent them from getting fried beyond next time a power surge occurs.

While any amount of surge protection is preferable to none at all, it’s important to consider what types of appliances you’ll be using with the surge protector to know what variety is best to your requirements. For most common home appliances-like lamps-any standard surge protector must do the trick, but also for high-wattage appliances and critical electronic equipment like computers or stereos, a heavy-duty surge protector could be more fitting. Whether you’re looking for a surge protector for long term use in a business or home, or a portable surge protector to use with your electronics while you’re on the run, we’ll compare some of the best surge protectors available to help you make the best decision.

Features to consider when shopping for the best surge protector
Surge protectors can be purchased in portable, bag-sized travel units as well as tough, metal-clad professional forms and everywhere among. Determining the very best surge protector for the needs you have comes down to the amount of protection you need based on the quality of the electric system that you’re pulling power in addition to the value of the equipment you’re seeking to protect. Whether you’re enduring daily power spikes or maybe want a trusted surge protector for a few extra reassurance, we’ve picked out some of the top surge protectors in the marketplace that will help you give your electronics the protection they deserve.

Get the very best surge protectors with voice control
Voice control, smart home technology, and home automation are more commonplace and accessible than previously. There are countless smart plug products available to buy that allow users to integrate traditional appliances with a good home system. The very best smart surge protectors offer users this same convenient hands-free handy remote control of their electronics without sacrificing high-level protection from power surges all within a unit.

Most smart surge protectors offer compatibility with Alexa, Google Home, and other popular smart home systems, but many will be able to work as standalone units as well. An area WiFi network and a companion iphone app are usually all it takes to get right up and running, turning a smartphone right into a universal remote for your electronics. Users who would like to create automated lighting schedules or who would like to activate coffee makers, slow cookers, and other devices from afar will appreciate the mixture of convenience and safety that a smart surge protector provides. A good surge protector may well not be the most robust choice for heavy-duty applications, but they’re completely unparalleled for adding flexibility, protection, and voice control to commonplace household and office appliances. 

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