Brevard Tourism Income Straight down from No Sail Purchase, Saved by Space Launches

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The area industry is busier as part of your, especially with manned commercial flight time for the Space Coast.

Space Coast Business office of Tourism Executive Director, Peter Cranes said that this year's tourism development tax sits at $13 million which is approximately 18 percent decline from last year, but the space industry is helping preserve those numbers away.

“With all the launches they are organizing for 2021, and the go back to cruising, we believe the outlook will probably be better,” Cranis said.

“Launches have a great economic impact inside our county and with launching once a week nearly, we expect with the crew start this weekend we'll see several hundred thousand persons coming into your county”

2 Angry Wives Co-Owner Mark Ingram explained that because anywhere in the county is a good spot to view a start, his customers see from the parking great deal.

“More people are going to be on trips today. They want to be outside consequently they don't really miss it, we are going to look at an influx due to that,” Ingram said.

“I expect just to have a good 10 to 15 percent rise today versus our standard Sunday income,” he added.

Regarding to Space Coast Business office of Tourism, the loss of revenue impacts grants, beach re-nourishment jobs to marketing.

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