Can online furniture sellers become the unicorns of modern India?

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Winston Churchill once said that “Necessity may be the mom of invention,” and it corresponds well with the household furniture because, as time passes, it has steadily evolved right into a necessity for people across the world. This dependency on household furniture for our ease and obsession with style and decor possesses triggered the nationwide massive furniture sale atlanta divorce attorneys segment. It could be something of work-from-home furniture, extravagance lounge chairs, or some outdoor pieces of furniture, especially after Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. 

Just to draw a fundamental difference, there is also a period when persons were happy without furniture, without the web, and even without electricity, but today the scenario is pretty paradoxical because none folks can live without net, electricity, or furniture. 

Furniture Retailers have become into mammoths over the last five years, which is the most obvious and viable change you can observe available in the market captivity. 

Thus, there are particular factors to justify that; the web furniture retailers are already in relation to become the Unicorns of New time India. Lokendra Ranawat, Co-Founder & CEO, WoodenStreet, explores the factors in charge of same:


The primary reason behind this enormous success and the pivotal growth of furniture retailers in India is “Digital Influence.” This is a known reality in broad daylight today that each single business on the globe wants the internet to create sales. New age India is just the next significant phrase for digital India systems. The digital program like Instagram or Facebook gives usage of social media furniture shops online to almost every other individual being on the telephone. It is the least expensive device to gain access to the internet. 


Who doesn’t want to show off every new issue they buying? Well, everyone, because since the social mass media is immensely dynamic, everyone posts images of what “NEW” possesses come and who has the early access to might be found. This is frustrated by observing the mouth-watering aesthetic home furniture setup articles to entice the large consumer base, available and active online. 

Because the furniture is gaudy and luxurious to look at, everyone wants such furniture setup for their home to make a comfortable and pleasing experience-another sharp reason behind whopping furniture sales. 


The urban problems require urban solutions, which may be the case with compact spaces in cities. Because of peripheral and consolidated space availability in cities, persons can order modular household furniture for their home, which occupies not as much space than traditional pieces of furniture and comes with complete efficiency for your convenience. 

This has driven the influence on modern furniture design in the furniture market. Today, maximum trusted online retailers have a assortment of such household furniture modules designed for packed urban spaces. 


The growth trajectory of the furniture industry has been so upwards that it has attracted mass employment in every segment, such as for example Furniture Designer. The creator is the top job designation in the industry, as every online furniture retailer is popular of a furniture creator to create exciting and compatible product models to attract a colossal client base.
The other most requested designation in the industry is Business Developer due to ongoing tough competition to be the unicorns of New age India. 

Apart from these jobs, generally there are a good amount of essential positions obtainable in several furniture retailer firms, waiting around to employ the young professionals for mind-boggling ideas. 

The customization process has added a revolutionary turnover to the furniture industry. It offers the customer the entire freedom to choose and select their furniture. Online household furniture suppliers have equipped custom-made household furniture to their every product to attract wide buyers across the nation. 

If we talk about the knowledge store, then it really is another milestone in the market for potential buyers who hesitate to trust in the grade of furniture products. Hence, the knowledge stores have all the setup relative to your home to give a familiar feeling. This has curated very much friction towards investing in household furniture, regarding the self flavour in decoration and interiors. This will also continue steadily to make the household furniture buying experience relatively easy and convenient, which is normally another principal reason behind online retailers to be invincible later on furniture bazaar. 

Consequently, the previously mentioned factors possess propelled online furniture retailers to be the upcoming unicorns of new-age India. New years India is certainly a ladder, along the way to become self-sufficient future generations of the youthful and skilled workforce. Hence, enough time is not up to now when online furniture vendors would have become the consortium of the pieces of furniture market. Hence, the Unicorns are ready to take off. 

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