Cleantech Roundup: Tigo Energy, Blue Bird, Mitrex, and more

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Another week, another couple of announcements! To stay updated on what’s new, have a look at this latest cleantech item roundup:

Optimizer for 700 W modules
Tigo Energy Inc., a California-based company of solar module-level ability electronics (MLPE) alternatives, announced a fresh version of its TS4-A-O optimizer with an elevated rated module power as high as 700 W.

Tigo said the IEC-certified optimizer has among the highest per-module wattages among commercially available optimizers on the market, enabling it to utilize the newest PV alternatives, including high-efficiency and bifacial modules. The business said that the product retains the same form aspect as the previous-technology TS4-A-O, and works together with the same equipment that installers are aware of. More info available here.

Mini cell manufacturing
Scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Los Alamos National Laboratory and the National Taiwan University are suffering from a new manufacturing plan for mini perovskite solar modules that's claimed to overcome key bottlenecks in large-scale production.

“The levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) from a solar module includes power conversion efficiency, module lifetime, and the production cost,” research co-author Leeyih Wang told pv magazine. “We believe our study has provided a remedy for all three elements, as the high-efficiency demonstration and drastically prolonged lifetime from our module can donate to lower the LCOE.” Considerably more info available here.

Rapid shutdown inverters
APsmart announced a fresh Photovoltaic Rapid Shutdown Program (PVRSS) recognition to the UL 1741 standard with countless new inverters from Growatt.

Completely, six Growatt inverter models, which range from 3 kW to 6 kW, were tested simply by CSA and certified for work with with APsmart’s photovoltaic rapid shutdown devices. Included in this is Growatt’s new single-period hybrid inverter for both brand-new and retrofit solar. Presently, the APsmart rapid shutdown remedy is compatible with an increase of than 120 inverter models from 11 brands. More facts available here.

Solar-powered SUV
California-based electric vehicle startup Humble Motors revealed its concept SUV named the Humble One. Rather than a glass roofing, the Humble One has more than 80 square feet of PV cells. The company said this generates enough electrical energy to improve driving range by practically 60 miles a working day. The company said the Humble One has a lot more than $20 million in pre-orders. More facts available here.

EV home charger coverage
HomeServe, a provider of house repair warranties, and utility CenterPoint Strength partnered to enable CenterPoint’s electric vehicle-owning residential buyers in Texas to buy coverage for his or her home EV charging systems.

The brand new product builds on a preexisting HomeServe repair service plan that covers issues with CenterPoint customers’ interior electric wiring. Starting a $8.99 per month, the no-deductible coverage will provide up to $500 in reimbursement for an even 2 home EV charger that stops working because of normal deterioration. More info available here.

BIPV roofs
Canadian solar manufacturer Mitrex stated it really is bringing its solar roofing panels to market. The company said its building-included photovoltaic (BIPV) technology extends a home’s energy creating potential, allowing practically all sun-touched rooftop surfaces to generate electricity.

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