COVID-19: Tripura resumes border trade with Bangladesh amid protests by locals

23 May 2020 9:09 AM
Tripura resumed border trade with neighbouring Bangladesh despite protests by some locals, who fear the step could end result spread of Coronavirus from across the border.

Trucks carrying cement plus some other items crossed the Mohurighat Integrated Check Point (ICP) in Belonia found in Tripura South district on Monday amid tight security as worried residents staged a good protest and urged the federal government to postpone the same till the lockdown is lifted. Many of them also blocked the street halting movement of trucks for a few hours before police and government officials rushed there and intervened.

Sources said officials of Tripura South district assured the protesters that sufficient safety precautions were being taken nonetheless they argued that these were scared due to Feni, Comilia and Bramanbaria areas found in Bangladesh side had reported COVID-19 positive cases. The local persons also said that these were in fear that, as the Muhurighat integrated verify post area is definitely thickly populated and incredibly near to the Belonia town, there is the possibility of infection from Bangladeshi truck drivers and other people involved in the import and export organization. Tripura South is normally in 'green area' for COVID-19 so far. 

Tripura had closed all of the ICPs to avoid the spread of Coronavirus before the country-wide lockdown was first clamped by the Centre.

Public fear about fresh infection increased after 150 BSF persons and their members of the family residing in two camps on Dhalai district tested COVID-19 positive since May 2. 

Tripura had declared itself as being "COVID-19 free point out" on April 29 after two persons, who had tested COVID-19 positive recovered and were discharged. But the shock was in store as the BSF camps saw outbreak of the virus.