Cybersecurity jobs boom in UAE with starting salaries of Dh40,000 or even more

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The rapid shift to remote work in 2020 has resulted in a shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals in the UAE.

But lucrative prospects await those willing to undertake larger roles, a fresh salary guide shows.

"The speed of digital transformation during the past 12 months is a lot more than the complete previous five years, and it's really nonetheless accelerating," Tarek Kuzbari, regional director for Boston-based protection enterprise Cybereason, told The National.

This digital boom has opened opportunities for criminals to continue using age-old tactics, such as for example ransomware, malware and email fraud, Mr Kuzbari said.

This has resulted in a operate on demand for cybersecurity architects, managers and engineers to fight these threats.

These roles can fetch monthly salaries of between Dh40,000 and Dh65,000 a month on the UAE, according to the company, according to the Michael Page 2021 income guide.

There is a shortage of locally based talent over the most in-demand skill sets, the recruitment company said.

It also recommended that employers give attention to developing and training internal talent, and try to become more flexible on sector and seller expertise when hiring for external locally based skill.

Some recruiters were concerned rising demand was inflating salaries and blurring work descriptions to attract persons to open roles.

"There are plenty of overpaid cybersecurity professionals who are not qualified for their task titles," said Iain Sachs, a recruiter for defence and technology firms in the UAE.

Mr Sachs likened it to the dot-com boom and bust of the late 1990s to early 2000s, "when salaries were going right through the roof".