Deported Bangladeshi migrants need to find jobs on Bangladesh

13 Sep 2020 10:47 AM
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A large number of Bangladeshi migrant staff are passing their days found in deep crisis abroad because they are facing forced repatriation, loss of jobs, limited usage of foods and healthcare system amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The federal government is however to take pragmatic techniques to greatly help the migrants residing in distress at their respective destination countries, stated the migrant privileges experts.

As per estimates of the federal government officials, recruiting companies and migration experts, 20 lakh of migrant employees out around 2 crore, with documented and undocumented position, have been facing deportation due to the pandemic in the centre East, Europe and East Parts of asia. The migrant experts stated if the pandemic scenario will not abate by September this season, Bangladesh will fail to send its targeted 4.5 lakh workers in to the global job market.

According to media studies on Friday, more than two lakh Bangladeshi migrant personnel in war-torn Iraq will be in dread that they might become illegal soon due to suspension of visa renewal for the reason that nation. They said a lot of their co-workers have previously become illegal as their visas had not been renewed and are staying arrested in raids in places like Bagdad, Basra, Karbala and Najaf.   

Migration experts say like Iraq Bangladeshi employees from different oil-rich Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman could also face deportation due to the economical crisis. Saudi Arabia may be the largest job industry for Bangladeshi migrants, with at least 20 lakh migrants, and may be the highest remittance earner for the united states. However, early this season official resources said, at least 50 % of Bangladeshi personnel in Saudi Arabia may lose their jobs after their task permits expiring and be undocumented.  

Furthermore, the professionals said, it is apparent that remittances will lower drastically in the coming days simply because the novel coronavirus has brought economic activities almost to a standstill around the world - like the Middle Eastern countries. Bangladesh's top 15 resources of remittances are: Saudi Arabia, UAE, US, Kuwait, UK, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Italy, Bahrain, Singapore, South Africa, France, South Korea, and Jordan.

Besides, the specialists also opined that our skilled workers -- who worked on large projects overseas -- can be utilised in mega projects of the country, rather than foreign personnel. Foreign aided projects create jobs for foreigners when our own people search for jobs outside the country in most humiliating conditions. The humiliation of our personnel abroad is national embarrassment. But our federal government is too cheerful for their key contribution to conserving our plundering economy.

We've Manpower Ministry. They need to try to find new markets for careers. The reality the work market overseas is shrinking. We will face a serious problem.