Dubai to improve tourism capacity by 134% in 2040 -statement

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Dubai federal government said on Saturday it plans to improve its tourism and hotel capacity by 134% over another 20 years, portion of a wider plan to make the emirate extra competitive as Gulf countries brace for the post-oil era.

The Dubai-2040 plan forecasts 400% increase in beach capacity and 168 square km (65 square miles) of lands assigned to logistics and other businesses, a government statement said.

The emirate sees its population at 5.8 million in 2040, up from 3.3 million, it said.

Dubai is increasingly facing pressure from other organization hubs including Saudi Arabia, which is pressing foreign firms to create regional headquarters in Riyadh.

From 2024, the Saudi authorities will stop giving state contracts to businesses and commercial institutions that base their Middle East hubs in virtually any other country in the region. 

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