Ensuring the Security for Enterprises

03 Jul 2019 10:46 AM
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Having a secured system is mandatory for companies, and to make a system secure, Enterprise  will have to take certain steps like making the computers password protected, creating a backup and many others. It is a long process for Enterprise  as they have different workstations and many computers to be setup with protection of latest technology. Getting computers of the firm secured will make the information passed under Enterprise  more secure, it will lead to a better barrier to unauthorized access and also keep computers safe from viruses, malwares and many others.

Below I have listed a few steps Enterprise  can take to make their system secured:

·         Make the System Password Protected: Having a password for the computers will immensely prevent unauthorized access. For example, the trainees of Enterprise  must not get access to the computers of the trainers and for that the computers must have a password. On the other hand, setting up user accounts with different passwords will be a great solution to this problem too. Keeping the valuable information at one user account and making the trainees working area in the other user account will hopefully solve the problem. Setting up a relevant password is definitely the best option Enterprise  can go for as if the password is too long and irrelevant there will be a high possibility of forgetting the password and as a result there can be a huge issue leaded by that.  Enterprise  can also set password to files while sending it through e-mails to different receivers, because information can be leaked and when someone gets free access to files, it will be easy for the person to get access to the files, however, setting a password and sharing it with the receiver will actually solve the problem.

·         Setting up an ACL: ACL stands for Access Control List. It is basically a program which informs the operating system about the rights and access capability of different users to the computer. Different user have different range of permissions and access capability in a computer. For example, the trainees of Enterprise  will never get the access which the trainers of Enterprise  are going to get. This is basically a list of controlling through permissions of access.  With the help of it Enterprise  can keep their computer safe from malware, unauthorized access and many others. On the other hand, Enterprise  will also have a release from different unnecessary acts going in their computer as there will be fewer device to maintain. For growing companies like Enterprise , it is critically crucial to have an access control list in attached to their system and working procedure with the help of Information Technology in order to stay secured.  Setting up ACL on router will enrich the network security of Enterprise  hugely.

·         Creating a Backup: Data and information of the company might have a slight chance of getting damaged even after taking a lot of steps like setting up password, getting an antivirus, preventing unauthorized access, so, there must be a plan for the last resort and that plan is Back Up. Having the important data of the computer safely saved in another place, for examples, cloud storage like Google Drive, an external hard disk or any other computer will be a huge help to setup a backup. Creating a backup might be time consuming for Enterprise  as there are many computers and information to be take care of but it is extremely important to create a backup of the important data and information as if they get damaged unfortunately there will not be any chance of going for a recovery.

·         Encryption: Encryption of data and messages is extremely important for companies like Enterprise  who have sensitive and valuable information. Encryption helps to encode messages and information in the way through which people who only are authorized will get access to information and messages. It is mostly used over plain texts. Having encrypted data leads to a valuable form of security in messages and information, which are kept in doc files and other plain text files. While sending mails to different people Enterprise  must encrypt their mails in order to have a good security over their information and mails. There are different encryptions algorithms like MD5, SHA, RSA and more

·         Firewall: Taking care and monitoring of the traffics going inside the network of Enterprise  is important without a doubt as it can slow down the speed and also lead to different problems to Enterprise ’s system. With the help of Firewall, different traffic will be blocked, obviously, the ones which are unnecessary. The security of the network gets immensely enhanced with the help of Firewall as it makes a wall to the unauthorized and access having potential threats to the computer to stay away from the trusted network system. There are hardware and software of firewalls which Enterprise  can obviously go for in order to build a better network with a great security to be safe.

·         Antivirus: One of the most effective steps Enterprise  can take to prevent different viruses get into our computers and create a massive threat or enrapture our computer is installing an antivirus software. On the other hand, it will also help unauthorized access to stay away from the computers of Enterprise . Viruses can be lead through different ways like unauthorized access through phishing and pharming, downloading files from sites which are not secured, receiving files from unknown users and many more. However, installing an antivirus will help Enterprise ’s trainers, trainees and their computers to stay away from virus and even if some kind of virus gets into the computer accidentally then there is an option to scan and get rid of the viruses.

·         IDS: IDS stands for Intrusion Detection System. It is a magnificent software or hardware for getting rid of different threats including, viruses, Trojans, worms, computer crimes and many others. It will help Enterprise to detect different suspicious activity and also getting rid of them. Monitoring the traffics and many others are done using IDS too, so, it is important to have IDS in the system in order to enhance the safety and security of the system of Enterprise

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