Honeywell Launches E-Mon School 6000 Smart Monitoring Energy Meters

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Honeywell has launched its E-Mon Class 6000 merchandise range, a fresh generation of multi-protocol-capable strength meters to provide quickly, accurate tenant billing or to optimize a building’s strength use.

The original offering, Honeywell E-Mon Class 6200 Pulse Meter, is a compact submeter that's versatile, field configurable and reliable with revenue-grade accuracy for better cost distribution.

The Honeywell E-Mon Category 6200 energy meters are simple to use, with an app-guided installation process, commissioning and troubleshooting, in addition to built-in cybersecurity to safeguard against attacks. The Honeywell E-mon Class 6200 submeters help defend data integrity, both on-site and online, with a lockable enclosure and encrypted communications to securely exchange data between the devices and app functions.

“The Honeywell E-Mon Course 6000 meters can help setting up owners better screen, measure and manage energy use within a building in an easy-to-install and operate form,” said Mike Garceau, general supervisor of creating Management Systems North America, Honeywell. “With the intuitive E-Mon app, users can easily commission the meters and look and feel confident in its reliable daily operation.”

Installers and planners benefit from straightforward, instant commissioning and troubleshooting via the E-Mon app. The software allows installers and planners to:

  • Configure all meter adjustments;
  • Screen meters via Bluetooth;
  • Work with available templates to boost multi-meter commission timing;
  • Arrange for entire projects using provided BIM and CAD info for the E-Mon range; and
  • Recognize errors immediately and receive easy-to-follow ideas as to how exactly to solve them.
The app also allows facility managers and building owners to automatically take readings. The Honeywell E-Mon Class 6000 meters could be built-into Honeywell applications quickly and seamlessly, using Interval Data Recorders, I/O modules or immediate controllers.

The E-Mon app happens to be designed for Android only. Long term variants within the E-Mon 6000 Series includes additional communication alternatives, such as for example BACnet or Modbus.

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