Huawei’s Downfall Continues, ARM Cuts Ties!

26 Jun 2019 11:24 AM
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It has not been a while since Intel, Broadcom and Google had cut ties with Huawei leaving  ARM as one of the only partners. Unfortunate for Huawei, ARM is also following the paths of Google, Intel and other companies who have cut ties previously. Huawei has stated the statement mentioned below at AC 

“Although we value the close relationship, we have with our partners, however, we also recognize some pressure, which is under and this draws a bunch of politically motivated decisions. We are very confident that this situation is going to be redeemed as it is our major priority to provide world-class technological products to our beloved customers” 

ARM is based in Cambridge UK and owned by Japanese Softbank, their cheap designs include US Origin technology and plenty of their processors are also developed and designs in San Jose, California and Austin Texas. 

As ARM has suspended their business activities with the reputable Chinese company, Huawei is going to endure a few problems. Some of them have been indicated below:  
The fabless semiconductor of Huawei’s HiSilicon licenses the designs of the processors manufactured by ARM, which is produced by them in their own place. Huawei P30 Pro is an example, the chipset of it is 980 and that includes ARM’s Cortex A55 cores. The architecture and design of ARM complete the Huawei phone. So, it is obvious Huawei is to endure some more tough time. 

As now the licenses are not provided by ARM anymore, Huawei now has to stop the production of previously released phones of Huawei that included designs and other technological properties of ARM’s designs, including the HiSilicon Fabless Semiconductor Company. 

Huawei will need to design and manufacture their own processors and chipsets now as ARM has cut ties now, which is going to be a hassle for Huawei, without a doubt. Creating a contract with another potential company will indubitably cost time and also lead Huawei’s activities to downtime.

The Chinese giant company is losing another vital partner, it leads to a deduction of investment and overall support. They had already lost the partnership with countless companies before and now one of their valuable designers, it is just a tragedy. 

Chipset is a key component of cellphones, without it, Huawei will definitely need to stop down their production for a while, which will lead to a loss of time, money and reputation. 

Although the current circumstance of Huawei is tragic as they have stated that they have the chance of bouncing back to their old stage, great expectations can be made by the Huawei fans. Loss of a vital partner was definitely a nightmare for Huawei but they still are hoping for a bounce back and that is much appreciated.