Industry stimulus: Bangladesh Lender okays above Tk9,000cr loans

27 Jul 2020 10:29 AM
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Bank loan disbursement from the Tk30,000 crore fund is increasing rapidly as roughly 1 / 2 of the amount is expected to end up being disbursed by the end of this month

The Bangladesh Lender (BB) has up to now approved loans amounting to Tk9,200 crore against 650 businesses under the stimulus package for industries and services damaged by the coronavirus pandemic.

The government has announced stimulus packages totaling over Tk1,00,000 crore to overcome the financial impact of the virus, including a Tk30,000 crore package for industries and service sectors.

Loan disbursement from the Tk30,000 crore fund is increasing rapidly due to roughly 1 / 2 of the amount is expected to come to be disbursed by the finish of this month, says  a higher official of the BB.

After verifying loan proposals of scheduled banks, the BB has up to now approved Tk9,200 crore loans towards covid-19 affected businesses from the Tk30,000 crore stimulus bundle, he adds.

He says banks have intensified loans disbursement actions as the BB instructed banks to complete loans disbursement from all stimulus cash by August this season.

In May this season, the BB placed a limit how much performing capital a bank could lend to the coronavirus affected companies. The BB fixed restrictions based on the prevailing doing work capital loans of borrowers.

Loans or expense of banks must be within 30% of their existing working capital loans of debtors by December 31, 2019, as per the BB’s rules on the stimulus package.

The mortgage limit of Mercantile Lender from the stimulus funds was set at Tk774 crore by the BB. The bank has recently disbursed Tk250 crore from the fund. 

Talking to Dhaka Tribune, Mercantile Bank additional taking care of director Mati Ul Hasan has got said they received 800 applications right from the Covid-19 influenced industries. 

Around Tk600 crore is currently along the way of sanction which is disbursed within the shortest conceivable time, he adds.

“We will complete the mortgage loan disbursement from all sorts of stimulus plans by the following month,” Mati Ul Hasan told Dhaka Tribune.

Islami Lender Bangladesh Limited has the highest Tk2,800 crore mortgage limit from the Tk30,000 crore fund. 

The bank’s deputy managing director Abu Reza Mohd.Yeahia says a great number of clients experience applied for performing capital loans from the stimulus program. 

A big amount of loans is in the process of sanction, he adds.

The mortgage loan limit of state owned Agrani Lender was set at Tk914 crore. The bank has up to now sanctioned Tk600 crore from the stimulus fund against 15 industries incorporating Acme and Noman group.

Its managing director Mohammad Shams-Ul Islam has said that in the beginning their lender disbursed Tk19 crore to the afflicted corporations. 

Another Tk600 crore has been sanctioned against 15 industries which is along the way of disbursement, he mentions.

The loans limit of Sonali Lender was set at Tk1,622 crore by the BB, National Lender at Tk1,631 crore, UCB at Tk1,163 crore, Dutch Bangla Lender at Tk1,068 crore, The City Bank at Tk1,023 crore, EXIM Lender at Tk994 crore, Eastern Bank at Tk985 crore, Prime Lender at Tk912 crore and limit of Bank Asia was set at Tk819 crore by the BB.

On April 12, the BB launched the stimulus package, allowing banks to get an interest subsidy of 4.50% on disbursed loans, while end-users (borrowers) are certain to get at 9% interest rate.

The BB later on formed a Refinance Scheme of Tk15,000 crore for lenders to implement the stimulus package. 

Under the scheme, banks are certain to get funds in the sort of performing capital at 4% curiosity from the BB, while clients are certain to get it at 9%. 

In order to have the refinance scheme, banks will have to give at least 50% loan to industrial and service sector businesses from their won sources.