Kuwait cabinet discusses visa trading issues

24 Sep 2020 11:20 AM
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The Kuwait cabinet on Tuesday reviewed concerns of visa trading as Bangladesh MP Mohammad Shahid Islam disclosed to the investigators names of three Kuwaiti officials who received different million dinars in trade of their support for functioning a individual trafficking network.

‘The names of these mixed up in so-called residency trade happen to be with the general public prosecution,’ Kuwaiti deputy prime minister Anas Al-Saleh explained through the council’s discussion on a letter of an area MP seeking a written report on ‘home dealers’ from the inside ministry, relating to Arab Occasions of Kuwait.

Anas, as well interior minister, explained his ministry wouldn't normally hide or hide any name, whoever it really is.  

Shahid Islam, who was simply arrested by Kuwaiti rules enforcing firms on June 7, reportedly acknowledged to the investigators that he furnished 1.1 million dinars by cheque to a government worker and one million dinars in income to a person furthermore to bags of gifts in an incredible number of dinars.

He claimed at least three persons, including a person responsible for among the ministries and a civil servant in the ministry of interior, received funds from him. He provided to the general public prosecution a backup of the cheque previously received by the worker who was simply completing the transactions for him. 

Shahid as well claimed that he paid some one million Kuwaiti dinars in income to a person, in trade for bringing Bangladeshi staff to Kuwait.

The Kuwait open public prosecution made a decision to continue the detention of the Bangladesh MP and another Bangladesh nationwide for individual trafficking and funds laundering to finished the investigation after hearing the testimony of 12 expatriate personnel brought by the accused from Bangladesh in trade of money.

Kuwait Consumer Anti-Corruption Authority has began examining financial transactions created by Shahid Islam and his organization in the united states and reviewing all data regarding them, Mohamed Bouzobar, spokesperson of the authority stated.

The Embassy of Bangladesh in Kuwait was, even so, at night about the improvement in the Shahid Islam’s circumstance and the killing of an unidentified Bangladeshi countrywide.

‘We have no idea as the Kuwait CID has got been investigating things retaining secrecy,’ Bangladesh ambassador in Kuwait Abul Kalam informed MODERN on Tuesday. 

Earlier, the Anti-Corruption Commission in Bangladesh initiated an inquiry on February 26 against Shahid Islam MP, also NRB Commercial Lender director, on demand of his alleged involvement in accumulation of against the law wealth through cash laundering.