Microsoft Introduces Vaccine Management Product for Government Agencies, Health Care Providers

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Microsoft has released a technology selling built to help government and individual healthcare organizations manage mass vaccination efforts from scheduling to logistics and outcome monitoring.

The Microsoft Vaccination Management platform is based on the Power Platform - a suite of business application production, visualization and process automation tools - and provides users access to records via a single app. regarding to a weblog post published Friday.

In their joint blog page entry, Microsoft Chief Medical Officer David Rhew and Satish Thomas, vice president for business applications and solutions engineering, wrote that the system includes a dashboard for tracking progress and an attribute to work with immunization information systems.

They added that the company's consulting services group has implemented a lot more than 230 crisis response missions around the world since the World Health Organization declared a COVID-19 pandemic in March of this past year.

The Microsoft Offerings Disaster Response program has completed 71 COVID-19 relief projects during 2020 and another 46 initiatives as of last month, according to Rhew and Thomas.

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