Missouri's tourism industry struggling; Governor turns to Springfield legal professional for solutions

06 Jun 2020 11:04 AM
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The state of Missouri's tourism industry is suffering as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The governor is embracing a Springfield attorney for solutions.

Tourism joins agriculture and manufacturing as the state's top three industries. Missouri businesses earn up to $18 billion per year off tourism.

The Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau says everything commenced to go downhill when the NBA delayed its season. From then on in Springfield, organizers with the Christian homeschool basketball championships canceled. Organizers of Missouri senior high school basketball championships canceled too. Then some 60 more events canceled.

"I believe the estimated expenditures from those groups is more than $40 million lost," said Tracy Kimberlin of the Springfield Convention and Business Bureau. "And that is basically business canceled from mid-March through the finish of June."

Governor Parson this week appointed Joe Passanise, a defense lawyer in Springfield, to the state's tourism commission.

I honored to be blessed with this opportunity to serve," said Passanise. "It will be interesting in the years ahead to how Missouri will recovers in the industry because we have to do it in a safe and responsible way. Tourism is an essential part of our economy."

Business owners say the key to bringing back the tourism industry is treatment or a vaccine for the coronavirus.