No Android for Mate 30; Google shakes Huawei week after temporary reprieve

29 Aug 2019 8:58 AM
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In a big blow to the Chinese brand, Google’s spokesperson confirmed on August 28 that Huawei’s upcoming flagship, the Huawei Mate 30 will ship without the Android operating system and will miss out on the company’s key software and services either.

The decision will impact Huawei’s first major release after the US-Huawei spat in which all American software and services were snatched from the grips of Huawei. The decision has probably hit and will continue to for quite some time, the company’s smartphone lineup. Huawei’s smartphones entirely depended on the Android operating system, which is by Google, a US-based company.

Though there was a temporary settlement between the company and the US government about a week ago, Google clarified that the reprieves did not apply to newer products like the yet-to-launch Mate 30.

While the Mate 30 will still be announced, there are no further details on when the phone will be available for sale. The launch of the Mate 30 was dated for September 18 in an event in Germany. That date might get pushed back now that the phone has been snatched of its soul.

Huawei probably has no backup plan at the moment since the company executives seemed pretty confident on the eventual agreement of terms with the US government.

The brand still has its own operating system, HarmonyOS at its aid, but the OS itself wasn’t released until recently and HarmonyOS hasn’t publically made it to any of Huawei’s phones yet.