Omega Seiki Flexibility to set up electronic vehicle production plant in Bangladesh

Singha and Singha Max from Omega Seiki are electric cargo three-wheelers.
Omega Seiki Pvt Ltd, the Electric vehicles manufacturing company of Anglian Omega Group is certainly setting up an Electric vehicle manufacturing unit near Dhaka on Bangladesh, with an investment of ₹100 crores.

This would be the first project of any Indian EV company in international markets. The company will be referred to as OSM-Bangladesh and you will be registered in Bangladesh. At the moment, Omega Seiki Mobility has two making plants in India, located at IMT Faridabad and IMT Manesar, Haryana.

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Bangladesh's economy has grown constantly at 8.5 per cent for days gone by 5 years. Per capita GDP in addition has risen to USD 1800. Bangladesh includes a well-established interface and goods export system which drives garment export. This will come to be a big element in producing Bangladesh an export hub for OSM. The job is a modern greenfield center and will focus on manufacturing two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and electric bicycles.

"We happen to be elated to serve our goods in the neighboring country, easing their day-to-day duties and updating them with the most recent EV technology. Indeed, EV is the upcoming and we, as an OEM are sincerely focusing on developing the best-in-class cars and quality service encounter. We trust that our vehicles will focus on an extraordinary response in the neighboring country. Bangladesh at present doesn't have an EV plan but it may change quickly. I met various senior officials of BIDA [Bangladesh Industrial Development Firm] and most of them welcomed Omega Seiki. They are very keen to provide this technology to their country and are incredibly cheerful to provide all of the support. I am especially pleased to get started on from Bangladesh which can be in our neighborhood and an agreeable country. We've plans to open up in several different countries gradually," said Uday Narang, Chairman, Omega Seiki Mobility, sharing the iconic creation.

Omega Seiki Mobility will be investing Rs. 200 crores in India to give attention to R&D and produce all cutting-edge technologies and IT-driven businesses in the e-mobility segment but as of this moment, it is concentrating on electric flexibility as the to begin its businesses.

"With electrification taking place fast in automotive market segments globally, we view it is period for the Bangladesh market to change as well. The transition in 2 and 3 wheelers will be fast because they donate to the pollution and traffic chaos. Our automobiles will be driven by Li-Ion batteries and with powertrains which would-be built-in Bangladesh, with technology transfer from India. In due program, we are considering full localization in Bangladesh. We'd also be looking to export from Bangladesh to global spots e.g. ASEAN, Africa, etc. Bangladesh includes a zero-tax insurance policy for exports to 39 countries. This consists of India aswell and we are looking at offering in the northeast from there," said Dr Mukherji, MD of Omega Seiki P Ltd, speaking on the electric car or truck market.

The vehicles manufactured in Bangladesh will be sold beneath the OSM brand through neighborhood partners and franchises.

Anglian Omega Group started business businesses in 1971 in Faridabad with a single Bright bar factory. After creating a prominent situation as the leaders in India in Shiny Bar Steel, they possess expanded concentrate with significant investments in the Infrastructure sector with the production of large-scale warehousing and chilly storage features across multiple spots in India.

Internationally, Anglian Omega also offers investments in, and partnerships with institutions in multiple sectors incorporating Art, Beauty, and Lifestyle; Business Incubation and Services; Making Automotive Components; Electric Flexibility; Craft and Design; Financial Services; Green Strength; Hospitality; Mobile Systems and Applications; Real Estate; Steel Production; and Activities. Anglian Omega has offices in Thailand, Dubai, Germany, Switzerland and just lately opened an office in Japan.

Omega Seiki Private Limited is an associate of the Anglian Omega Network. Omega Seiki will give attention to developing cold-forming parts for the motor vehicle & rail sectors in India & overseas. It really is set up aswell for making high-precision machining powertrain parts employing the latest high-value cutting-edge technologies.

At present, the business has its base in Faridabad, Pune and Chennai which focus on the three major Automobile hubs for OEMs in India. The business plans to improve its global footprint by establishing its first international basic in Japan in 2020. Omega Seiki Mobility may be the flexibility arm of the company looking at providing good, green alternatives for e-commerce, cargo and logistics corporations.

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