Phase Two promising for Florida’s tourism economy

07 Jun 2020 11:03 AM
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Universal Studios opened its doors Friday as the state moved into Phase Two of reopening.

As entertainment venues begin procedures tourists won’t be far behind which is very good news for the state’s economy, but recent increases in COVID-19 cases involve some warning caution before planning that next vacation.

As part of Phase Two, theme parks can operate at 50 percent capacity. Universal opened at 35 percent capacity however Disney won’t begin opening its parks until July.

However the return of the major attractions can be an encouraging sign for industries that depend on tourism dollars.

“From retail to lodging to food service and so as those amenities come back online it’s going to be very helpful to the economy,” said Vice Pesident of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association Geoff Luebkemann.

VISIT FLORIDA continues to be finding your way through its in-state ad campaign, but data on its website show tourist confidence is steadily rising nationwide this means it’s likely out of state travelers will begin returning to Florida.

But Orlando State Senator Linda Stewart is urging caution before racing off to the theme parks.

“It’s up to the individual’s decision on whether they want to take that risk now or not plus they may just wait a month or two,” said Stewart.

COVID-19 cases saw a spike the past few days, that could reflect the return of large crowds over Memorial Day weekend.

Stewart said ultimately it'll fall on businesses and individuals to take the proper precautions for Phase Two to be successful.

“We are able to only hope that, with all the best, that whenever these open that you won't be devastating and we’ll manage to keep on,” said Stewart.

When VISIT FLORIDA launches its in-state ad campaign the focus will be on outdoor places of interest like parks and beaches whether theme parks will be portion of the campaign is to be determined.

If you’d prefer to see the COVID-19 tourism data collected by Visit Florida for yourself, click here. 
The info is updated daily.