Prana Air launches HEPA PM2.5 Car Filters to ProtectCar Passengers from Pollution

31 Oct 2019 12:20 PM
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Purelogic Labs India, an initiative to increase awareness about air pollution in India, has launched another product for pollution protection this year, right after launching the pocket monitor for checking PM2.5 dust pollution levels. Prana Air, the brand by Purelogic Labs for devices and products to protect people from pollution has now launched Cabin Filters for the Car to ensure clean and safe levels even when driving.

Prana Air’s new car cabin filters stop harmful pollutants and particles such as PM2.5 and PM10 as well gases such as NO2 and SO2 from entering inside a vehicle. The filters are placed inside the cabin, allowing only clean air to pass through the multi-layered HEPA and activated carbon filters. Compared to car air purifiers, these filters do not let any pollutants or harmful particles enter the inside of the car at any point.

Most peoples’ solution for breathing clean air inside a car is to switch on the recirculation, which only circulates the air that is already inside the car. This will increase CO2-levels, causing tiredness, headaches, and nausea, something which we don’t want to add to an already stressful drive through the congested and trafficked city. The existing pollution is also not filtered out in any way except for the people inhaling it in their lungs and bodies. Avoid this by placing Prana Air’s car filter in the cabin, which will allow both clean and fresh air to enter the vehicle.

Prana Air’s cabin filter comes in all sizes appropriate for every major car model in India. Installation is easy, the filter is simply placed in the ventilation system which is generally accessible through the glove compartment. This can be done by yourself or by your car service, who generally changes the standard filter once a year or when the driver starts to notice unpleasant smells in the vehicle.

All cars come with a general filter in the ventilation system, however, they are rarely changed and few people know of them. These filters also do not filter out harmful particles and gases efficiently, which can be easily checked with a pollution monitor. After placing Prana Air’s filter, the user will immediately feel and smell the difference, since the filters also remove unpleasant odours and smell. Use a pollution monitor to check the values and see the difference yourself.

Prana Air’s filters can be found on the website for only Rs 1990, suitable for all major car models in India.