Resume int’l flights, help migrants

Saying that around 20,000 to 25,000 expatriate personnel will face uncertainty about reaching their workplaces overseas, Baira and Atab yesterday demanded to hold international flight operation from the purview of weeklong lockdown begins from this morning.

Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Organizations (Baira) and Association of TRAVEL COMPANIES of Bangladesh (Atab) built the demand at split press conferences at the capital's DRU.

Both the organisations said that the weeklong ban on international flights to and from Bangladesh would cause various employees' visas to expire.

Leaders of Baira and Atab also said that respective companies would also cancel visa permits of many Bangladeshi workers if indeed they neglect to reach their workplaces abroad because of suspension of international flights.

Following the government instruction and instruction, the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) on April 11 released to suspend the procedure of all overseas passenger flights to and coming from Bangladesh from April 14 to April 20 in a bid to comprise Covid-19 infection.

On the other hand, medevac, humanitarian, relief, cargo, complex landing (for refueling simply), and the flights cleared less than special consideration will remain from the purview of this suspension, CAAB said.

Baira and Atab leaders demanded that the manpower sector come to be kept out from the purview of lockdown by declaring the sector due to a crisis service sector.

With respect to Baira, its former finance secretary Fakhrul Islam read aloud a written affirmation at the press conference while Monsur Ahmed Kalam, president of Atab read out their demands.

Baira said about 20,000 to 25,000 migrant employees have already bought air tickets in high prices and so are waiting to visit their workplaces abroad next week.

Besides, a large number of expatriate workers are looking forward to tickets. Due to the unexpected suspension of flights, migrant staff became frustrated because of uncertainty over their travelling abroad.

According to Baira, if all international flights are canceled for weekly, migrant personnel along with recruiting organizations will suffer a serious loss, and the united states will be affected as well.

They said a large number of Qatar and Oman-bound personnel have booked hotels for quarantine with plenty of money and those are non-refundable and if the personnel cannot reach their respective places on time, they will have to suffer an enormous financial loss.

The Atab president said thousands of expatriate visas had expired because of a two-month-very long ban on the international flight through the lockdown last year.

"After huge sufferings, most of them possess completed all the procedure for going abroad once again and are just looking forward to the flight. As a result of ban on a global airline flight, their fate will be put in serious uncertainty once again," he also said.

Atab said about 20,000 employees had bought high-priced tickets to go to Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, and Qatar through the six times of the lockdown. Of these, tickets of varied airlines are not refundable.

Atab and Baira leaders said after buying visas, a large number of fresh workers were waiting around to fly with their workplaces within weekly.

"Since there are not any restrictions in the recipient countries, international flights ought to be managed from Bangladesh pursuing proper health suggestions," M Shahadat Hossain Taslim, a member of Atab, said.

Regarding to Baira, Nepal, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, and other manpower export countries will be sending their staff to unique countries even through the lockdown.

"If the sending of staff from Bangladesh is stopped, Bangladesh will lag behind your competition found in the international labor market," said Taslim.

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