ShopUp takes steps for frontline employees and SMEs

23 May 2020 9:41 AM
In Bangladesh, the Covid-19 cases are increasing everyday and amidst this, the ecommerce frontline delivery personnel have contributed to keep carefully the country running in this time around of crisis by delivering essentials at our doorsteps. ShopUp, a B2B  platform focusing on more than 350,000 SMEs having core give attention to its logistics services recognizes this.

ShopUp has kept their delivery procedures running for delivering grocery essentials & medicine around Dhaka & 14 more cities Outside dhaka. While doing so, they also have taken a very few commendable steps to ensure the safety of their frontline workers. 

To make sure their frontline personnel are safe, they are providing them with new masks, gloves, hand sanitizers everyday. A health care provider is training them on safety measures like washing their hands, removing their masks & gloves in the proper manner. Also, they are constantly trained on how to maintain social distancing while they are on the floor like maintaining minimal contacts while delivering products, having their masks and gloves on on a regular basis while delivering. Their hubs are also deep cleaned everyday to make sure they don’t catch any germs. The business also ensured in this uncertain time their medical expenses are also included in the business by initiating an isolation space inside office and introducing insurance for each one of these frontline workers. 

Apart from these efforts the CEO of Shopup, Afeef Zaman in addition has recently introduced 2 major initiatives. A Hero Bonus where in fact the company contributes a share of the variable incomes because of their frontline heroes and a Frontline welfare fund where all of the employees come forward to contribute their frontline colleagues in having their income flow steady for them and their families. Recently in another of his communications to all or any his employees he said “I'd like to thank the real heroes who've been fighting in leading lines. Fighting to keep the dreams of so many merchants alive. When the crisis come, it isn't persons in high chairs who keep carefully the world moving - it really is you guys who battle to keep the economy alive and keep pushing forward. My sincerest gratitude to every single one of those ShopUp members of the family.”

In addition to that, they also have addressed that lots of SMEs are arriving at a halt in this crisis and by enough time this ends, they could vanish. As business may be the only income source for most SME owners, their survival has come under threat. Considering this matter, ShopUp has partnered up with Obhizatrik foundation to gather Zakaat and help these SMEs by securing a stable income source for them.