Small can be beautiful in a post-Covid world

25 Sep 2020 2:30 PM
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The huge changes we are viewing in the global apparel industry at this time are bewildering and unsettling for many of us. A tsunami has swept through the Bangladesh outfits sector in fact it is hard to believe that things will ever before come to be quite the same once again in our industry. Perhaps I am wrong, although whatever occurs, the marks from the pandemic and the destruction it possesses inflicted on our organization network will be long-lasting. 

Moreover, the pandemic is definately not more than. Across Europe, our primary export market, countries remain starting and closing, locking down one week, opening up another. Spikes in coronavirus situations have got governments all over the place operating scared, while individuals are staying at residence, worried about heading to the traditional for fear of catching the deadly disease.

This all impacts us as producers. It would be remiss of me to actually attempt to estimate what Bangladesh RMG exports will come to be over the next few months and how much of a fall-off we may see over a 12-month period. Every organization in our sector is struggling right now and double-digit falls in production are inevitable.

All that said, record tells us that from crisis, shows up opportunities-it is merely a matter of who is prepared to take them.

One thing I think we will see more of on the coming months and years is the growth of grassroots success stories. It utilized to be that in the event that you wanted to have influence, you wanted size and scale, and the apparel and textile sector is a classic example of that. Size has traditionally mattered.

Moving forwards, We sense this picture might change. Among the problems with being a large business is that it's challenging to respond quickly to sharpened economic shocks, famous brands which we are going through right now. Few would want to end up being steering the ship of a worldwide retailer right now. Beyond the largest companies of all, the truth is that ALL corporations happen to be vulnerable, and I are the apparel industry for the reason that. Many will go to the wall within the next 12-months due to the fact their overheads are hence high, and they cannot afford to keep incurring losses of key marketplaces going on lockdown.

As the market changes, as powerful marketplace dynamics sweep through the industry, this will create opportunities for small, nimble players. That is why I discuss grassroots organisations-businesses that may get right up close and personal with their customers and take benefit of the uncertainty available on the market.

Social media marketing helps it be relatively easy now to spread the word about a tiny business and quickly to produce a brand and win a loyal pursuing.

In the apparel industry this may bring serious opportunities. There has been talk for a long time of apparel suppliers selling right to end consumers. This has never really taken off in the method it should have as companies have found it better to deal immediately with makes, where they don't have to worry about issues such as marketing, PR, working with end consumers and so on.

I think this is the time that a business design of apparel manufacturer selling directly to end customers could remove. Such a version could start small but think big. A year or two ago, when the marketplace was stable and conservative with tiny quantity, I would not need seen such a version gaining much traction. Ironically, at the same time when there is indeed very much uncertainty around, I really believe this type of model gets the greatest potential for working. Why don't we be honest-many of our producers have hardly any to lose at the present time; at the minimum, they may be exploring this approach.

I don't see this pandemic heading away before long and the worst issue that any organization could do is always to sit and await it to pass above, hoping it will be organization as usual in 2021.

Background tells us that lots of of the most successful businesses were shaped during the darkest times of recessionary periods. While some business owners be seated licking their wounds, mourning for the nice days of the past, the movers and shakers of this world are seeking the next big opportunity. That isn't to be flippant and generate light of our current woes, somewhat, to point out that there are opportunities out there, fresh ideas are increasing traction and the world is normally changing before our incredibly eyes.

I believe that being tiny and beginning with not significant at all do not need to count against you in this brave new world. In fact it could be an edge, featuring the fleetness of ft . required to venture out and seize your day in this most strange and demanding of economic environments.