South Korea to Curb Visas, Flights from Pakistan, Bangladesh

23 Jun 2020 11:28 AM
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Seoul problems statement saying travel limitations being imposed because of surge in COVID-19 cases imported from two countries
The South Korean government on Sunday announced it was restricting visas to, and flights from, Pakistan and Bangladesh carrying out a surge in novel coronavirus cases from travelers arriving from both countries.

The protective measures, which are set to get into effect from Tuesday (June 23), add a restriction on issuing visas to persons from Pakistan and Bangladesh except for diplomatic and urgent organization purposes. Similarly, a short-term ban possesses been imposed on non-scheduled flights between South Korea and both South Asian nations.

Seoul has announced that in addition to constraints on visas and lighting, the government would as well check if foreigners with non-professional employment visas have fixed residences for 14 days of self-quarantine found in South Korea ahead of arrival. Anyone who does not have residential requirements fulfilled ahead of arrival will be banned from getting into the country.

The restrictions have been announced carrying out a surge in South Korea of new coronavirus conditions from overseas in June. The number of imported COVID-19 circumstances reached 13 on June 12-and a 68-day most of 17 on June 19.

“Those imported conditions are from countries that lately experienced widespread attacks,” Health Minister Park Neung-hoo said in a press briefing. “A growth in imported cases locations a burden on our quarantine and treatment features,” he added.

Pakistan is probably the best five countries-out of 188 nations-reporting currently active conditions of COVID-19. It has additionally ranked similarly regarding new attacks and deaths for over weekly. Observers possess warned that as extra nations curb the pass on of the virus, countries that contain failed within their response would soon deal with travel restrictions and worldwide isolation.