Superga Natural beauty and Clarins Unlimited Upcycle Cloth

Superga Wonder and Clarins Unlimited are taking upcycling to the wonder sector with the start of re-usable washable cotton make-up removal pads, produced using upcycled materials.

“Superga Beauty clubs are proud to are suffering from this environmentally-friendly and upcycled gift idea found in close collaboration with the Clarins Unlimited teams. We have reduced the environmental impact and are actively involved with bringing new impetus to the textile basin in the Hauts-de-France location,” explained Leslie Bréau Meniger, CEO of Superga Wonder.

After powerful design and testing, the wipes were made in Roubaix, the historical cradle of the textile industry. The merchandise cleans eyes, face and neck. An instant and easy clean, and a dab of cleaning milk or a few drops of lotion on the cloth are that’s had a need to protect skin and the planet.

For this specific task, Superga Beauty used dormant fabrics from the textile sector (primarily home linen) and created a cotton cloth. This upcycled printed cotton item has been granted a complete new life no new development was required.

The environmental advantages include a total of 40% fewer CO2 emissions and a 50% decrease in water use.

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