'This city possesses its arms wide open': Emirates' Sheikh Ahmed shares video before welcoming tourists back again to Dubai

22 Jun 2020 11:10 AM
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Dubai is open. This is the message from Emirates’ Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed, president of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, who possesses shared a training video to welcome tourists back to the city.

“Start, now that’s a word that hasn’t been used many in the world nowadays, huh?” the video tutorial begins, with a sweeping shot across Bluewaters Island and Dubai Marina. “Well, open is looking best for Dubai right now, and you want to tell the globe about it.”

The video from Emirates and Dubai Tourism showcases the city's attractions that contain reopened following coronavirus pandemic, together with advertising the way the emirate is again up and running for “business” and “opportunity”.

“There’s literally a huge selection of doors wide open to the best accommodations you’ll ever find,” the voiceover says as the camera sweeps above the city’s skyline and Burj Al Arab, on to Burj Khalifa. “Oh, and the world’s tallest setting up? That’s open, too.

“But this city can be available for fun. It’s wide open for happy, it’s available for crazy, possibly the slopes will be available,” the video continues, as it offers shots of Skydive Dubai and Ski Dubai.

The video signs off by saying: “This city has its arms widely open, plus they are open for you."

The video follows the announcement that tourists and visitors should be able to go back to Dubai from Tuesday, July 7. International visitors flying to Dubai must be sure they satisfy all requirements for access to the UAE.

The brand new requirements say travellers must download the Covid-19 DXB app and register their highlights and fill in medical declaration form. They need to have valid medical health insurance.

Tourists must have a good PCR Covid-19 test with a optimum validity of four days ahead of departure.

They will be necessary to show proof not being infected with the virus on arrival at Dubai airports.

If they cannot provide proof, they'll undergo a PCR check at the airport.

"All arrivals will be at the mercy of thermal screenings," Dubai's Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Operations said.

"If a good traveller is suspected to have got Covid-19 symptoms, Dubai airports have the right to retest to guarantee the tourist is free from the virus."