Top 5 agritech startup that helps you create soil-less indoor farming

11 Feb 2020 11:41 AM
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Only a specialist gardener knows how tough it really is to grow plants and just how much extra care it requires with special focus on soil, fertilizer, and light. One can’t get the process right and expect good yields without getting his/her hands dirty. But, to create their work a lot easy and convenient, many start-ups in India will work on hydroponics farming.

Hydroponics or growing plants in water or sand, instead of soil, is performed using mineral nutrient solutions in a water flush. Moreover, this indoor farming technique induces plant growth, making the process 50 percent faster than growth in soil and the method is cost-effective. Mineral nutrient solutions are being used to feed plants in water.
Here’s a set of five start-ups in India that are innovating agriculture methods and leading the way in indoor farming.

Barton Breeze: Gurgaon based Barton Breeze is a commercial hydroponic farm specialist, using managed sustainable technology and modern farming techniques, to create highly productive agri-models for the new-age farmer. Barton Breeze isn't simply a hydroponic farm developer, but also a farmer, growth consultant and a retailer. We offer end to end farm management solution and execute projects on a turnkey basis from the development of climate-controlled Polyhouse/Polycarbonate house to Aeroponic create and training resources how to run the farm efficiently and impart technology training. Barton Breeze combines sustainable technology and modern farming techniques, to create highly productive models for the new-age farmer. We pride ourselves on providing knowledge and the very best available products to your customers. Carefully chosen and tested equipment and nutrients ensure our customers have maximum results with their microgreens.

Future Farms: Chennai based Future Farms now grows 16 crop varieties, classified under English Exotic, Asian Exotic and Indian Exotic, across 15 acres of land spread over 10 states. It recorded a $1 million turnover this past year. Their primary focus is on leafy vegetables with farms spread in the united states from Delhi to Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat.

Acqua Farms: Chennai based Acqua Farms grows from Italian basil to carom (ajwain), mint, spinach, lettuce and a bunch of leafy greens and herbs. Moreover, he grows these vegetables using planters made of PVC pipes. “Besides a starter kit, Acqua Farms also provides setups for larger planter systems with 24, 48, 72, 96 and increasing to at least one 1,000, according to what the user needs. They also have a subscription-based service to anyone who has no understanding of hydroponics, where, against a monthly amount, they assign an individual an agronomist who manages their plants and monitors it once weekly.

Letcetra Agritech: Goa-based Letcetra Agritech in the Mapusa area of Goa may be the first such indoor hydroponic farm, which grows top quality, pesticide-free vegetables. Their farm, measuring 150 sq meters, produces a great deal of leafy vegetables like lettuce and salad greens, besides cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, and basil. “Letcetra has expanded to add two more farms with a standard area of 2,300 square meters. The combined fresh produce from all three farms come up with is approximately 6-8 tonnes of different types of lettuce and other leafy greens, per month.

BitMantis Innovations: Based out of Bengaluru, this IoT and data analytics start-up have developed its IoT solution GreenSAGE, which allows individuals and commercial growers to grow fresh herbs over summer and winter with the the least fuss. Under GreenSage, you have the Micro Edition and Greens Edition kits that use hydroponics options for efficient usage of water and nutrients.