Tucson Tourism; How to proceed with Your Wanderlust

04 Apr 2020 9:52 PM
Many people are sheltered set up and social distancing just how we should be. That's great - keep writing. It generally does not help the wanderlust, though, does it?

Especially with how beautiful it's been outside lately, the urge to go and experience it really is strong. This can be the perfect season to visit and go through the new, which explains why Spring Break comes at an ideal season - usually.

Unfortunately, apart from the casual outdoor walk inside our yards or to an important place, we're virtually hunkered down inside our homes, binging Tiger King and TikTok. Not venturing out and traveling only causes us to be bummed for a time; for businesses and small communities, it might be devastating. The financial impact of tourism on communities and states could be huge.

Total direct travel spending in Arizona during 2016 was $21.2 billion according to a written report done by the Arizona Office of Tourism. "Of that $21.2 billion, travel spending in the Tucson and Southern Arizona area accounted for $3.3 billion."

In this chart from the UArizona Eller College of Management, you can observe where in fact the recession in 2008 really had an impact on employment in the Accommodation sector, closely tied with tourism in the state. And today, just as tourism was beginning to bounce back, COVID-19 busts in like the Kool-Aid man to reveal to stay home.