VisitErie Creates Tourism Recovery Task Force

23 May 2020 11:50 AM
As Northwestern Pennsylvania moves to expectations that the shelter-in-place restrictions will slowly but surely be lifted from phase red to yellow then to green; VisitErie, Erie’s primary tourism promotion agency, has formed the Erie County Tourism Recovery Task Force.  THIS Force has developed and communicated a report that outlines implemented, planned and suggested protocols for the safe reopening of Erie County hospitality businesses. Through this collaborative effort, VisitErie’s goal is to assist in the reopening of the industry in accordance with government regulations to best protect potential visitors and Erie County residents. 

Today, VisitErie sent a written report to local elected officials detailing safety efforts being taken by organizations in six sectors of Erie’s hospitality industry: Accommodations, Restaurants, Large Attractions, Small Attractions/Retail, Facilities and Transportation. The report includes information on what each sector does to make sure readiness to open. The info may also be used to reassure our visitors, sports rights holders and convention planners that Erie County is a safe destination.

As the first choice for marketing Erie’s tourism industry and promoting its economical growth, VisitErie will continue steadily to communicate the value of tourism to our regional economy, and convey to potential visitors that Erie is a safe destination, and will be prepared for travelers when it's time to welcome them. VisitErie President/CEO John Oliver remarked, “It’s time to capitalize on our strengths and acknowledge the tremendous impact Erie’s tourism industry brings to your region.  Sustaining a high level of health insurance and safety in Erie County is mission crucial for us as a destination.”

With the launch of the report, VisitErie will celebrate National Tourism & Travel Week (NTTW) May 3-9, 2020.  NTTW is an annual tradition through the first full week of May for the U.S. travel community to celebrate the value travel holds for our economy, businesses and personal wellbeing. This year’s theme is “The Spirit of Travel”.  The COVID-19 pandemic has already established an unprecedented effect on the travel industry and the whole economy. The NTTW initiative provides the travel and tourism community an chance to come together, support each other and remind our country that even through the most challenging times, the Spirit of Travel cannot be broken. It is the spirit oftravel that makes visitors feel in the home, provides lasting memories and inspires millions on a daily basis.