What's the difference between Apple TV, Apple TV app, and Apple TV+?

18 May 2020 9:08 AM
If you quickly know the difference between Apple TV, Apple TV app, and Apple TV+, then remember there is also Apple TV Channels, Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD, and the Apple TV applications for Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and TV sets. What words are being overused here?

The reason why that your Mac keyboard has a Command key with that clover-like icon is that designer Susan Kare put it there, however the reason she did is that Steve Jobs rejected the Mac team's original intend to put an Apple logo onto it. Just as there's a Windows key for PCs, there would've been an Apple key for Macs, but Steve Jobs said no.

It appears that nobody else in Apple has ever said no since. Once the company took "Computer" out of its name, and once it stopped using "i" before everything, it settled on prefixing every product with the term Apple. Curiously, you can even date the move from "i" to "Apple" with the Apple TV as that had at first been announced under the name iTV.

At that time, changing it to Apple TV was simply a legal decision after grumbles from the UK's tv set network ITV, but since that time it's given rise to a generation. Not only of products named Apple, but specifically products named Apple TV.

Counting the different services, the various hardware, and different apps, we make it which you can use the words "Apple TV" to mean about eight various things. We'd say that there could be a prize for anyone who can contort all eight right into a single sentence, but we tried that above.

More seriously, we do regularly find ourselves needing to explain how to get Apple TV+ through the Apple TV application on Apple TV. If only so that we are able to always refer you back to here, let us try to get rid of the mess before Apple brings out yet another version of the Apple TV hardware.

Apple TV hardware
It all were only available in 2006 when Steve Jobs gave us a sneak peek of the iTV. We really wanted an actual TV set created by Apple. We didn't know this was as close as we were likely to get.

Flash forward to today rather than a huge amount has really changed in the hardware. It's still what used to be known as a set-top box, and you plug it into your Television set.

If you don't have a Samsung smart TV or one from various other manufacturers which has Apple TV built in. Apart from those TV, Apple itself currently sells two versions of the Apple TV hardware.

There's the Apple TV 4K, and the prior model, now known as Apple TV HD to differentiate it. And this is the differentiation, really - one is a HD 1080p box, the other is a 4K one.

You may get them with different storage capacities, and there's a better processor in the 4K version. Additionally, there is better audio. But really, you're buying the $149 HD one to save a small amount of cash, or the $179 4K version because you have a 4K Television set.

Apple TV app
Whichever model you get, or in the event that you watch through the proper TV set, what you see first may be the Apple TV home screen. And that's not the same thing as the Apple TV App - probably.

Originally, all Apple TV models started up with the house screen. Later, Apple introduced an app called Apple TV and loved it so much that they managed to get appear whenever you tried to visit the home screen.

Alas, there have been problems. Apple presents that app as your one-stop place to watch everything on your Apple TV - and it is not. Netflix doesn't work with it. And that means you have to leave that iphone app to go watch the most popular streaming service on the planet. And there are others.

The way you get other services, such as for example Netflix, added to your Apple TV is to download their iphone app from the Apple TV App Store. So whenever a channel lets you know they're on Apple TV, that's what they mean - probably.